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NeuSilver™ Colloidal Silver by iMedDo

With over 650 known self-medication uses, colloidal silver is without a doubt the KING of health supplements. Colloidal silver is known to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi in vitro. Food grade commercial true colloidal silver is safe for both topical and internal usage and is known scientifically to be a modern marvel for disease prevention, treatment and often times curing, however as you understand because of your health supplement mindset iMedDo cannot sell it as a health supplement with that intention. NeuSilver™ is sold for health support by iMedDo where one drop in a cup of water is the recommended dose for an adult. NeuSilver™ is 100 ppm (parts-per million concentration) comes in a 1/2 oz blue glass boston round dropper cap bottle with 400 drops in a bottle and is used 1 drop a day is over a year’s supply. NeuSilver is a true colloid of 10 nm (nano meters) in size and has a safe, all natural, proprietary coating for safe internal use. NeuSilver™ does not cause argyria.

Customers engaged in self-medication with NeuSilver™ have reported the following doses as relevant starting points for guidance for health care practitioners: 1 drop in water and swish for 60s for dental, gum, cavity, tooth abscess, mouth ulcers; 10 drops for food poisoning, 1 drop in a cup of water to make silver water and splash on skin, eyes, mouth, and nose for infection or acne, 2 drops in a bottle of water and sip on water all day for throat infection, 1 drop in water and nebulize and breath for lung infections, 1 drop on wet cotton ball in a cut off glove finger for one week overnight for toe or finger fungus, 1 drop a day for immune support, use of probiotics with silver especially when taking more than recommended dose, 40 drops for colon cleanse with probiotic replenishment over 3 days afterwards, one drop of NeuSilver™ is comparable to one dropper full of many other colloidal silvers.
Silver Dosing & Homeostasis
Dosing with silver is important and NeuSilver™ is bottled to make it as simple and safe as possible where 1 drop a day is the correct amount a day for an adult to take orally in their water. It’s not really about the amount of water, it’s about the amount of silver. What I like to do is have a canteen of water which I put the drop of silver in, and I sip on that water all day. By spreading the drop out in my water over the whole day, it keeps my mouth bathed in silver which is great for my dental health. Notice that on the bottle it says “one drop per cup of water.” It’s not expected that a human would drink more than 8 cups of water a day, so if you are using more than 8 drops of silver a day then you are using too much for daily maintenance and you are clearly in the self-medicating range so do so responsibly. Maintenance Dose: Typically 1-3 drops for 100-300 lb person, 1 drop for most people 100-200 lbs does not affect gut flora. Medium Dose 4-6 drops: Typically not used unless you “feel under the weather”, probiotics recommended or you will give yourself gas from silver if you do not replenish probiotics. High Dose 7-10 drops: Typically used temporarily for specific self-medication for food poisoning or infection with probiotics. Very High Dose 11-40 Drops: Typically used for specific self-medication colon cleanse with mandatory probiotics. Extremely High Dose: If you are seeking even higher doses of silver contact me privately about custom bottling. NeuSilver™ is designed to be used as a health supplement at a maintenance dose for health support. A common question I get is how do I know that I’m taking the right amount of silver and that it won’t build up in my body? NeuSilver™ is 10 nm and does not cause Argyria. I’ve been taking it for over a year and I’m not blue. Read Dr. Calin Pop’s book about how this silver is safe. Paraphrasing, that as it is in the 10-30 nm “sweet spot” for internal medicine to not get stuck in the body. Homemade silver which often appears cloudy white has silver over 100 nm which can definitely get stuck in your body and cause Argyria, a cosmetic effect of a permanent blue-grey skin color, which is why sticking with food grade commercial quality NeuSilver™ is a good idea if you plan on taking silver internally for much duration of time. So if you use a maintenance dose of NeuSilver™, you don't have to worry about taking too much, the silver building up, or getting Argyria. However the issue of homeostasis is less clear. Silver is not a nutrient so you don’t need to take it, but many of us choose to do so since it seems to boost our immune system and keep infection in general at bay. My guideline is that if the dosage of silver I’m taking is giving me gas when I take probiotics at least once a week then I’m taking too much. Even maintenance dose of silver can be too high for you if you never take probiotics. For children under 100 lbs, small pets, or if silver is giving you gas even when on probiotics consider NeuKids™ 10 PPM instead of NeuSilver 100 PPM which is 10x less concentrated and can be used to fine tune your dose at less than adult maintenance dosage amounts.
Using Probiotics with Silver
A probiotic is a beneficial living organism (typically bacteria or sometimes fungus) that is good for human health. Of course using the word “good” or “bad” is somewhat subjective when talking about bacteria as most are neither good nor bad, but we consider them to be good when they stay in our gut for instance and help us digest food, and we consider them bad when they get somewhere we don’t want them and/or cause an infection. Many microbes are usually good but can be opportunistic pathogens if our body gets out of whack. Everything in biology is an equilibrium and when you have a lot of “good” bacteria in your gut it makes it harder for “bad” bacteria to grow and spread as there is less room and nutrients for them to use. Sometimes our equilibrium (homeostasis) can get out of balance in our body. There can be many different causes such as lowered immune system, hormonal imbalance, diet (such as one lacking probiotics or high in food the bad biotics like to eat) or many other causes. A common cause of imbalance is modern antibiotics. Penicillin, the first discovered antibiotic was a drug released by a fungus which killed bacteria around it, but guess what oftentimes when you take antibiotics, it may kill bad bacteria but then you might get an overgrowth of fungus, a different type of bad biotic. Candida is a unicellular fungus which runs rampant in many people. Silver is a quasi-antibiotic (quasi means “as if”) since it has antibiotic effect but is not technically an antibiotic since its a food not a drug,as you know already since you understand the health supplement mindset. Although antibiotics are great for specific types of bacterial infections, many pro se medical practitioners consider silver to be superior to antibiotics in general. The reason is that silver has been shown to kill not only bacteria but also fungi in vitro (Latin for “in the glass” i.e. in the lab or in the test-tube) and thus likely does the same or similar in the human body as well. I frequently get asked whether silver and probiotics cancel out? Not quite. Colloidal silver will absorb well when taken orally through your gut and will kill baddies all throughout your body, bloodstream, and tissue, except baddies in the nervous system (see iodine for that). Since silver kills all bacteria both gram positive and gram negative types, Silver kills both “good” and “bad” biotics in the gut. The way you counteract that is to replenish the “good” with probiotics and thus the NET effect is that only the “bad” is killed. Like everything in biology it’s an equilibrium and the idea is to replenish good bacteria faster than silver is killing the good ones all the while allowing the silver to kill the bad bacteria and other baddy germs throughout your body. Probiotics and silver can be used synergistically where you are both killing the bad stuff and if you replenish the good faster than any good might be being killed by the silver then it also further crowds out the bad bacteria. I mentioned that although Silver is the king of health supplements that probiotics are the rest of the deck. I say that because there are several hundred known healthy gut probiotics that live inside us and they help boost our immune system and help us digest and maximize our nutrient absorption from our food. If you took microbiology you might know that only some bacteria will grow on agar plates and only these that we can grow or culture in the lab are the ones we know much about. However, using polymerase chain reaction (PCR), a modern technique of modern biology where we can amplify DNA, it appears that there is a lot more DNA around in the gut than the ones we can grow so there could be THOUSANDS of undiscovered gut probiotics and the human gut flora is really largely still a mystery! Here are some common sources of probiotics:

fermented foods

My favorite probiotic besides yogurt is a fermented turmeric made by my friend Winston Kao which he calls Rest Easy with alias TurboCharged Turmeric. I like it because it has both probiotic bacteria but also unlike many probiotics has probiotic fungus as well which can help crowd out candida. He also has some fancy water filters and other cool stuff as well check him out! I’m sure there are a number of good probiotics on the market and if you are having good success with one in particular let me know and I’ll make a list of good ones here.
======================= Silver Homeostasis
Like anything when you take something, you don’t want to overdo it, but when you take even a small amount for a long while your body eventually reaches homeostasis where your reserves are full and your intake equals your excretion. NeuSilver™ is designed and dosed at 1 drop a day for optimal adult health support to absorb, build up to a small extent but not continue to build up, and then to reach homeostasis in your body. Silver is not yet recognized as nutrient but very well may be. Like when you add a fuel additive to your car engine to make it run cleaner, adding silver to your body likely makes your body run cleaner and smoother as well without infection. People frequently report getting sick much less frequently when supplementing with silver, and most people and even most scientists acknowledge that silver is involved with pathways in the body which stimulate the immune system. Although not all the pathways are entirely understood, some of the hypothesized benefits of reaching silver homeostasis include silver’s ability to kill infection by breaking down bacterial cell walls, starving microbes and cancer of oxygen, killing infection and cancer in the lymph system, binding and removing excess protein and sulphur, alkalinizing and structuring the body’s water. Only food grade silver reaches a beneficial homeostasis in the body as non-food grade silver can build up in the body and cause a cosmetic effect (see Argyria). It is thought that beneficial silver homeostasis occurs in approximately 1 week (4-7 days) of using NeuSilver™.
Silver Hydrosol
Many people use a clear silver that they think is colloidal silver but is in fact silver hyrosol which is marketing language for just being silver ions. Silver ions are the health beneficial form of silver, but when you take them delivered directly instead of through a colloidal intermediate then they do not reach homeostasis and immediately just flush out of the urine. Silver hydrosol is fine topically or for immediate relief for a urinary track infection, but if you take true colloidal silver for a week and allow it to reach homeostasis then most people report they never get a urinary track infection again!
True Colloidal Silver
NeuSilver™ is a true colloidal silver. True colloidal silver which is food grade 10 nm and coated, when taken orally can readily absorb through the intestines and can reach a homeostasis more evenly distributed throughout the body than can silver ions. One of the reasons is because silver ions are positively charged (Ag+) and are water soluble, whereas colloidal silver is neutral in charge and can pass through and be shuttled through more lipophillic (fat soluble) compartments in the body than can the water soluble (hydrophillic) silver ions. Colloidal silver slowly releases silver ions and can kill germs in more parts of the body and is believe to kill infection everywhere except the nervous system (see iodine and gold for nervous system effects). Food grade colloidal silver reaches a homeostasis in the body where when you take 1 drop of NeuSilver a day for health support, eventually it builds up a bit in the body and then is excreted as fast as you intake it.
Home-made colloidal silver and Argyria
NeuSilver™ does not cause argyria because it is food grade commerial true colloidal silver of 10 nm with a proprietary coating which reaches homeostasis in the body. Lower quality non-food grade silver does not reach homeostasis and can build up in your body causing blue/grey skin in a semi-permanent skin condition known as Argyria. According to Dr. Calin Pop (paraphrased), silver approximately 10-30 nm which is properly coated does not build up in your body and does not cause Argyria, but silver 35 nm and larger can be a problem. Still many people are understandably scared to use colloidal silver because of the prevalence of homemade non-food grade silver on the market which appears cloudy white and has silver of 100 nm and larger particles which can turn your skin grey. Silver has no negative medical effects and only had the one negative cosmetic effect Argyria, and thanks to modern nanotechnology silver can be made much smaller and more precise in size and with NeuSilver™ Argyria is not an issue no matter how much of it you take. I’ve been using NeuSilver everyday for over a year and I’m not a smurf! Silver has all of these wonderful biomedical benefits of killing bacteria, virus and fungi in vitro and now without the one cosmetic problem, why shouldn’t you use silver to support your health? Nobility have been doing it for thousands of years sucking on their silver spoons giving themselves a blue tongue and the myth of being “blue bloods.” Isn’t the health supplement of royalty good enough for you and your family?
Noble Metal
Silver is a noble metal not a heavy metal and has strange and not fully yet understood electrically conductive and energetic properties. As a medical biophysicist specialized in nano-particle energy dosimetry, I’m fascinated by these energetic properties and have gained as much insight from silver mythology and psychics as is currently offered by mainstream silver research. Most notably, silver noble metal appears to remove and disrupt negative energy and is frequently used in aura cleansing to make negative energy “less sticky”, and silver along with gold noble metal appear to “structure” water and this “crystal” water has many of the same potential for energy programming and most notably appears to “protect and maintain” positive energetic programming longer than any other substance besides gold. Of course I’m still trying to figure out the definition of “negative” energy vs. “positive” energy in metaphysics as some just call it a “lower” vs. “higher” vibrational state which is more applicable to comparison to mainstream science. In mainstream science it is known that noble metals of different nanometer sizes have different energetic signatures known as photonics or optical tuning properties. Many believe (including myself) believe that entirely new classes of machines can be built using these new frequencies including even communication across space and who knows what else (teleportation?). With current advances in quantum experimental data (not my expertise) some of this “crazy” talk is starting to seem much less far fetched, and I think our government and perhaps contractor Lockheed Martin know a lot more than they are letting on. Regardless of what is or is not known or is known and classified and/or propogandized in mainstream science and medicine, the use of silver as a health supplement has been around for thousands of years and I don’t expect it will be going anywhere anytime soon so I recommend you get the highest quality available safe good grade commercial stuff NeuSilver™ to support your health.
Allergy Relief
Many customers have reported that using NeuSilver™ 1 drop a day in their water for health support has also somehow resulted in a allergy relief, and mold (fungal) allergies in particular. Perhaps somewhere between silver in general being known to be an anti-inflammatory and boosting the immune system, it makes sense that that allergy relief could happen in some situations. If you have experienced allergy relief and would be willing to give a testimonial, or if you are a skilled immunologist and interested in helping me expand upon this topic please contact me at healthwarrior@imeddo.com.
Immune Booster
Silver in general is a known immune booster. Although I could readily put “for immune support” on my bottles, that structure/function claim requires additional FDA paperwork so just enjoy your NeuSilver™ “for health support” instead. The immune system is complicated (it confuses me and I’m a biochemist!) Silver immunology is an area of study on my to do list, and eventually, I’ll expand this section to talk about such complex topics as how “silver acts on the immune system in a beneficial way which germs cannot readily become immune to, not even drug resistant bacteria!.”
Undoubtedly there are some situations where it could literally save your life if self-medicated correctly, just as an antibiotic drug could save your life from a life threatening infection, standard disclaimers applying. Recognize that there are potentially legal issues involved with me discussing this topic with you, so I have to do so just right using certain terminology so that there is no misunderstanding. Firstly, you understand the health supplement mindset and that NeuSilver™ is only sold with the intention of being used for health support so if you use it with the intention of being an anti-biotic then you are squarely self-medicating, and if you choose to do so you must do so responsibly which typically involves you consulting your primary first. Secondly, you understand that silver is not an antibiotic (because only a drug is an antibiotic) but it does have known antibiotic-like effects in medicine and biomedical science as it kills bacteria in vitro. Because of this, I like to refer to silver as being a “quasi-antibiotic” which is the best legalese-like word I can come up with as a pro se legal practitioner with the intention of aiding in information exchange about silver’s antibiotic-like effects. Because I’m not a lawyer and talking about legal issues at medicine I have to give you disclaimer to always consult a licensed attorney if you need legal advice; just the same as I have to tell you to always consult a licensed doctor if you need medical advice, so use my quasi-legalese term “quasi-antibiotic” responsibly =). Quasi means “as if.” I adapted the term from the famous pro se legal practitioner Winston Shrout who to paraphrase my understanding talks traffic tickets being Quasi-criminal when they are actually a civil matter as there is no injured party. You don’t need to be a laywer to enjoy a health supplement but you darn near need to be if you plan on discussing your practice of pro se medicine on yourself to other people. Okay now that we have the legal mumbo jumbo out of the way, I’ll skip to the point. Some information to ponder is that silver as a quasi-antibiotic is arguably BETTER than an antibiotic in that not only does it kill bacteria, but also it is known to kill fungi and viri (in vitro) as well! The word “in vitro” means “in the glass” meaning “in the test tube” and is thrown in there by me for pro se legal reasons since is easier for me to to say silver kills germs in the test-tube as there are many studies to back it up than a broader statement. A much broader statement which I don’t say but don’t doubt is that it kills germs in general in the body as a quasi-antibiotic pretty much everywhere except in the nervous system (see iodine information for nervous system germicidal, and gold for additional information). Many people report a candida (fungus) infection following antibiotics, and have reported silver as being very handy in surviving their post-antibiotic fungus. Silver as a quasi-antibiotic is known to interfere (cause them to be more effective) with certain antibiotics so for me to be safe I have to tell you don’t take NeuSilver™ at the same time as antibiotics, instead wait until you are done then start taking it for health support after consulting your primary. In my personal self-medication I use silver and iodine instead of anti-biotics. If you get a multiple drug resistant bacteria such as MRSA (methicillin (antibiotic) resistant staphylococcus aureus) in a hospital, have you and your doctor been adequately informed about the possibility of using NeuSilver™ in your IV line? I met a woman who told me that she was terrified because her mainstream doctor told her that she was allergic to antibiotics and that if she got an infection that she would die. Fortunately, I was able to share the information about the potential to use silver as a quasi-antibiotic instead which after consulting her primary she now does and is still kicking. My friend and motivational speaker Dennis Kolb writes about using silver in his IV line as part of surviving chemotherapy and life-threatening illness after getting a hospital infection. I’m aware of many people self-medicating for pneumonia and lung infection by putting silver in their nebulizer and breathing it in. Although I’ve heard of people using NeuSilver™ in a vapor cigarette dispenser, it is not recommended as from first pass testing it strips away the silver coating and leaves a sticky residue on the e-cig coil so better to use a nebulizer if you want to get NeuSilver™ into your lungs. There are literally 650+ known self-medication uses of silver, most of them related to it’s germicidal including quasi-antibiotic anti-bacterial properties. Generally people use 1 drop of NeuSilver™ for health support as intended or 10+ drops for self-medication. Just be aware that concentration is important for silver and 1 drop of NeuSilver™ is comparable to 1 dropper full of many silver self-medication guidances you might find when surfing online so self-medicate responsibly.
Because true colloidal silver such as NeuSilver™ is so effective against bacteria and bacterial biofilms in vitro, it makes sense that it would also work in your mouth. Try 1 drop of NeuSilver™ in a small cup of water and swish in your mouth for 1-3 minutes and you will feel it clean your mouth by removing the plaque (bacterial biofilm) from you teeth. When you use NeuSilver™ as a health supplement 1 drop a day in your water as directed, you can likely expect improved dental results as most all dental problems are bacteria (bad breath/halitosis, gum disease/gengivitis, cavities/bacteria inside tooth, etc). I can’t advocate this because this message is likely not approved by your dentist, but I haven’t been to a dentist in over a year and I don’t have any cavities likely because I swish NeuSilver™ water in my mouth every day before I swallow it when taking my daily dose of health supplements. I’m excited to have recently met some “alternative” dentists who specialize in undoing the damage caused by mainstream dentistry. Because iMedDo products are effective at cleaning the teeth (NeuSilver™ ), removing Fluoride (NeuIodine™ ), and detoxing Mercury (NeuGold™, NeuIodine™), iMedDo is likely poised to be at the forefront of the new alternative dentistry. If you are an alternative dentist and want to use iMeDo products in your practice please contact me healthwarrior@imeddo.com.
Because fibromyalgia is somewhat of a catch all disease, different people’s fibromyalgia may have different causes but for many people the cause is actually a bacterial biofilm infection in the muscle and smooth tissue. It is easy to demonstrate that NeuSilver™ is highly effective against bacterial biofilm in your mouth, and thus is no surprise that it appears to be highly effective against bacterial biofilm in the body as well. Customers who self-medicated using iMedDo products for fibromyalgia report using 4-5 drops of NeuSilver™ for flare ups. I sincerely hope and have no reason to not doubt that if you take iMedDo products especially NeuSilver™ and NeuIodine™ (also germicidal) that your chronic infection perhaps causing your fibromyalgia will disappear completely. If 4 drops appears to help, then try 10 drops of NeuSilver™ with probiotics and see if you can wipe it out completely. If your fibromyalgia is from a nerve inflammation, the NeuGold™ should help as well. I recommend you simply support your health with all three iMedDo products which are synergistic and expect good things for your health.
Acne & Cosmetic Effect
NeuSilver™ is excellent for skin and beauty uses for acne and skin inflammation. Try putting a drop of NeuSilver™ in a glass of water and splashing the silver water on the face, or using a spray bottle before bedtime and wake up with clear skin!
Water Purification and Ideal Travel Item
If you are going out of country and could only take one item like a survival tv show, NeuSilver™ could be that item. My wife and I used it in Mexico where we drank all the tap water and I even drank the Mayan cenote cave water and saved at least $50 from being water bottle price gouged. How did I do it you ask without getting Montezuma’s revenge from the bacteria in the unclean municipal water? I told you silver is known to kill bacteria, virus and fungus in vitro, so I put a drop a NeuSilver™ in tap water and gave it 15 minutes to make sure it killed all the baddies before drinking and to be safe used 10 drops in the cave water and gave it an hour just to be sure. The cenote water was believed by the Mayan’s to be magical and has a beautiful blue color, but you see a fish and bat in there so you know it’s got at least bacteria in it and who knows what else viruses etc, but I drank it with some NeuSilver™ then climbed to the top of the Coba Mayan Ruins! Also, the silver is great for topical infections as well as internal health support and is great if you need water but get it from a sketchy source. I’ve heard of people who went to Mexico drank only bottled water but just had some ice melt in their glass and then got sick for 3 weeks after their trip! Horrible, I really believe that if you go out of country you should use NeuSilver™ in your water and the likelihood of such unpleasantries is much reduced.
Metaphysical Uses of Silver
Energize Water
Silver is believed to “structure” water. Crystals are known in mainstream science to have a piezo-electric effect where when you mechanically deform the crystal it produces a voltage, and who knows what sort of exciting mainstream scientific discoveries await to be discovered concerning silver crystal water effects as well. Many people including psychics claim to be able to charge and program crystals and use crystals and metals including silver water to retain energy and serve different functions. Perhaps they are on to something. Interestingly, if you put a drop of NeuSilver™ in water and have it tested using reflexology it goes to enlightened energy state (~700 on 1-1000 scale) and if you add colloidal gold on top of that it goes to 900+ which is believed to be as close to holy water as you can make.
Feng Shui Silver
Silver is believed to possess strange and beneficial energetic properties including being able to “retain” positive energy programming longer than any other substance currently known. According to Werner Brandmaier, a Feng Shui & Geopathic Stress Specialist, NeuSilver™ tested in water and energy drink appears to retain energetic programming at least 10-15x longer with ongoing testing.
Negative Energy Disruption
In monster slaying mythology you always need a silver sword or silver bullet to slay that pesky vampire, werewolf, why is that? Sure it “kills bacteria, viruses and fungi in vitro” so it does kill baddies, but does it really somehow protect in a deeper metaphysical or magical way in addition? There is just something special about silver, and even keeping a silver coin on you seems to somehow deflect negative vibes, imagine what having silver inside you does. Feedback from my own personal experience and from psychics and energy workers at a variety of fairs attended by iMedDo over the last year has been a resounding yes that somehow the silver is removing negative energy or making it “less sticky”! According to guru Quinn Eaker at the Garden of Eden, “Silver somehow kills the bad stuff and leaves the good stuff which is as close to magic as anything I’ve ever seen!” How silver kills bacteria is fairly well known in science, but how it kills other baddies including fungi, and viruses and other bad stuff and how it interacts electrically perhaps to cleanse the aura is not really well understood yet. Regardless, it seems to work so the question is not does silver work but WHY does it work? As a scientist, magic just means that there are laws of the universe that I don’t fully understand yet, but that doesn’t mean that they are not there. It is known scientifically that nano-scale metals are accessing strangely new and exciting levels of conductivity and understanding nano-silver and how it disrupts negative energy is at the heart of understanding the universe is my belief as a biophysicist. Eventually, all of how silver works will be understood but until then magic (in the same way wifi almost seems like magic to me) is a perfectly fine way to understand it. My hypothesis is that silver conducts electricity at an energy level that is toxic to things which intend you harm, and that silver is used for the protective electricity in the body just as copper is used for catch all electricity and gold is used specifically in the nervous system.
Aura Cleanse
Put a drop of the silver on the palms of one of your hands and then rub your hands together for about 3 rubs or about 3 seconds. Who should try it: Anyone if you feel weighed down by negative energy, or if you need to cleanse your aura before going about a routine or important undertaking that requires your focus. Highly ideal and recommended for intuitives such as psychic readers before and in between readings and also recommending for hands on energy healing workers. Metaphysical Usage is to 1) clean your hands 2) clean your aura 3) protect your hands, body, your space and the space of the person you are reading or working on. What you feel: Some people can immediately feel it make their hands more conductive, others feel lighter and less burdened by negative energy. How to test: Before and after aura photography will show that the silver makes the aura more green, the color of healing. For intermeidate aura cleanse after rubbing hands together, flatten your palms and put your hand together in a tringle (pyramid) shape and slowly raise your hands above your head. Move your hand pyramid back and forth several times above the head (surrounding your third eye). Metaphysical Usage is as above but specifically you are blocking out negative energy, lower vibration waves from your third eye and you will feel lighter and enhanced mental clarity as lower energy background noise is deflected/removed from our body. For advanced aura cleanse Same as above but when silver hands above head connect in pyramid shape connect with the star energy then slowly bring your hands down and connect with earth energy then bring the earth energy up to match and balance the heavenly energy then bring your hands back up to your center (heart chakra area) and then release the energy.
Lunar Connection
Silver has the same energy as the moon. Rediscovering the healing, cleansing, protective properties of silver is a hot topic in metaphysics. NeuSilver™ colloidal silver appears to be highly effective at cleansing crystals and a drop can be used instead of waiting to leave the crystal out in moonlight. The ancient Sumerian name for the moon was “Kingu” likely the same as the Egyptian moon god “Khonsu/Iah/Thoth” whose symbol was a young crescent moon a symbol still used by many gods and religions (crescent moon of Islam most notably from pre-Islamic moon goddesses). If the ancient religions/mythology are to be trusted then the power of the silver is believed to be the strongest on a “new crescent moon” believed by many to be a a time of great transformation, healing and fertility. Why does the werewolf supposedly come out on a full moon, could it be that the power of the moon/silver wanes withe waxing of the moon and the terrible disease of lycanthrope can no longer be contained? The myths imply that the healing power of silver might wax with the new moon and wane with the full moon, seems like an easy enough experiment to try? Many crystals such as selenite and moonstone are also believe to also wax and wane under the lunar influence, is this really so? Not a topic I studied in school as a scientist that is for sure but curious now to try out.
Hieroglyph for Silver
The ancient Egyptian hieroglyph for silver incorprates a picture of a Mace (hand bludgeoning weapon) on top of the symbol for gold. Although the meaning of this symbol has been lost, it appears to me to reference the protective power and smiting (of evil) power of the silver.
Smiting Evil with Silver
A silver bullet for werewolves, silver chains or stake to weaken or kill vampires, a silver sword for demons is this all just myth? Silver is now know to clean, protect and purify the modern equivalent of demons (bacteria, virus, fungi biota) and there is no doubt in my mind that when you put a drop of NeuSilver™ in your water, you make healing water, no doubt the modern equivalent of “Holy Water”. It is easy to imagine that silver is and was the preferred metal of choice for protective amulets (silver crosses) and likely by ancients for protective healing idols (see Egyptian lunar healer Khonsu he likely was a silver plated statue no doubt). Undoubtedly more evil smiting and lunar connections exist awaiting rediscovery.
Gold-Solar Connection of Silver
As the moon only reflects sunlight, makes sense for it to also have a solar connotation where the sun is considered the same as gold energy. Interesting the ancient Egyptian hieroglyph for electrum (silver + gold) is the symbol for gold with the “was scepter” i.e. power symbol instead of a mace over the gold symbol. Interestingly both silver related hieroglyphs incorporate the gold hieroglyph (discussed more in NeuGold section later in Guide). Although the meaning has been lost, seems to me that silver + gold = divine power whereas silver along means divine smiting/protection. Hieroglyphs seem to point that silver should always be used with gold just as iMedDo recommends that NeuSilver™ and NeuGold™ be used together either in your water or under your tongue.
Heart Chakra – Green Connection
Silver is related to heart chakra and the color green. When you do the NeuSilver™ aura cleanse your heart feels lighter similar to how the Egyptians believed it was important to make your heart “as light as a feather”. Being grounded is important but the copper metal related red grounding energy is toxic above the heart chakra. If you over-ground silver seems to act as a reset button at the heart chakra to restore balance between your upper (solar chakras) and your lower (copper chakras). You can test the relation of NeuSilver™ to the heart chakra by doing a before and after aura photograph and seeing that the aura becomes more green i.e. activation of healing heart chakra. There are seven main chakras of the human body, 3 above and 3 below with the heart chakra in the middle. By putting energy into the heart chakra in the middle it goes up and down balancing and cleansing all of the chakras hence why the heart chakra and the color green are related to healing. Also note that the moon is believe by the ancients to have been created from the earth and is her heart, another heart connection.
Snake – Caduceus – Silver Connection
In the ancient Sumerian/Babylonian creation story of the Enuma Elish, the snake was the protector of the garden/watering hole where the fresh gold water was contained that the Annunaki wanted for their salvation. Because of the protective role of the snake, it is no wonder that there is a connection between the protective role of silver and thus a connection between the silver and the snake. The snake is also a symbol of wisdom (is silver a symbol of wisdom too perhaps, maybe the silver + gold electrum hieroglyph?). In the Biblical account of Genesis which is believed to be somewhat redacted from the Enuma Elish, the snake was not the protecter but was portrayed as a tempting (but still wise) figure. In the Eastern tradition, the snake-wisdom connection is believed to represent the Kundalini (a dual male-female energy of the spine) and has perhaps been represented throughout time by the cadduceus (intertwined snake staff) as seen with the ancient Minoan “snake” goddesses which over time made a gender change to two snake staffs of Thoth, the staff of the herma-phroditic Hermes by the Greeks (whose statues I saw in the Louvre) to the male Mecury of the Romans to the Angel Raphael (Israfil/Israfael) still associated with the color green, a cadduceus (double snake staff) and of healing. Single snake staffs abound as well both in the Judeo-Christian religions (Moses vs Egyptians snake staff battle and with the Greeks especially Aesclepius the god of healing who had a snake staff whose symbol is for most of the world still the symbol of medicine except in America where the symbol is the cadduceus. So HEALING = SNAKE and I postulate that HEALING = SILVER and thus by mathematical equality SNAKE = SILVER. Some sources say the caduceus was an ancient astrological sign for commerce i.e. SILVER. Was the healing Caduceus staff/wand made of silver, or the staff (Nehustan) that Moses had the Israelites look upon for healing made of silver? Wouldn’t surprise me especially since the pre-Khonsu/Thoth name for the healing moon god in Egypt was called “Iah” definitely a possible his snake staff was a silver healing moon staff in my mind. As a biochemist, DNA sure looks a darn lot like the caduceus as intertwined double snakes of the DNA double helix and now DNA represents for all practical purposes the Caduceus in modern science and un-intwined serpents seem to be the alternating electric/magnetic fields of electromagnetic energy, our favorite tool in science to learn about our universe. The ancient symbology of the Caduceus rather than seeming less, seems even more powerful in light of modern science. The protective double helix of the SNAKES/DNA protecting the SNAKE/DNA wisdom i.e the genetic code is a more modern but no less powerful metaphor. I believe that the SILVER is the symbol for the snake as well, and that understanding the healing green protective electromagnetic energy of the silver is going to be a key to understanding how DNA holds itself together through a twisting electromagnetic energy not currently and how the not currently understood electromagnetic properties of the genetic code (and likely additional unreadable encoding contained) is utilized and read could be the something exciting left currently undiscovered but now potentially unlockable with silver as the key to this protected wisdom.
DNA healing and Divine Power
With DNA, the building block of life, we are narrowing in on what does it really mean to be alive and heal. A virus is not alive but can have DNA or RNA and can interfere with or hijack ours! Does SILVER promotes DNA healing? My gut tells me that true colloidal silver and true colloidal gold helps DNA fold correctly and that this give you divine power where the green healing of the silver electricity goes through the DNA like a green healing cloud, allowing your DNA to fold correctly and and forcing viruses to be squeezed out to their death at the hands of the smiting silver. Science has only just begun to figure out silver, and is greatly blinded by unwillingness to look a the overwhelming metaphysical properties of this other diving metal. Perhaps we must first understand gold to understand silver as captured by the hieroglyphics for silver which all point to gold.
Silver Mandala
Whenever you look at something and the more you study it the more there is to learn, that means you are looking at a mandala. A mandala is a microcosm representation of the infinite. All three iMedDo products NeuSilver™, NeuIodine™, and NeuGold™ are mandalas and the more you study them the more there is to learn so it is easy to lose track of the big picture unless you know how to use a mandala. A mandala is used as a MIRROR to look at your own inner beauty/divinity/immortal Christ light self, and then the point is to surround yourself with those who love you and to beam love to yourself. When you buy yourself a health supplement, you are telling yourself that you love you and you want yourself to be healthy and to live a long and happy life and that it is what it is all about. That is also why it is not as effective to buy a health supplement for someone else, you need to buy it for you after you make the decision to honor yourself. Silver is really great in a mandala because it represents the heart chakra and is conducive to you beaming love to yourself.
The NeuMandala™
You may have noticed the beautiful artwork display stand on the landing page of iMedDo and the top down view of it at the start of this Guide. It is called the NeuMandala™ as it is a special mandala incorporating Silver and Gold plating around a multi-tiered crystal (lapis, sodalite, pyrite sunstone) eye. See if you can see your reflection in it (try using your computer screen reflection) see the halo around your head and tell yourself “I love you”. There are many ways to say “I love you” and my favorite is how the Nichiren Buddhists do it with the “Nam Myho Rege Kyo” chant which is the healing heart chakra note of F in many different octaves which works because there is also a connection with healing and music and notes and chakras where F/F# range is the green heart chakra and thus has the same energy as SILVER as it is a heart love mantra. Get a 6th month supply of all three iMedDo Products for only $150 or a 6th month supply of NeuSilver™ for only $45.00 plus shipping and start loving yourself today!