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NeuIodine™ Iodine by iMedDo

Iodine is a mineral nutrient found in and used by every cell in the human body and is just all around very good for your health. Iodine is the QUEEN of health supplements is because it is 4x more needed in women than men. Iodine is especially important for brain, adrenal, and thyroid health in both men and women, but women need even more iodine especially for breast and ovary health. Iodine is known scientifically to be a modern marvel for disease prevention, treatment and often times curing, however as you understand because of your health supplement mindset iMedDo cannot sell it as a health supplement with that intention. NeuIodine™ is sold for health support by iMedDo where one drop on your wrist (or other clean skin) is the recommended starting dose for a child or adult. NeuIodine™ comes in a 1/2 oz blue glass boston round dropper cap bottle with 725 drops in a bottle and if used 1 drop a day is almost a two year’s supply. NeuIodine™ is a almost a 1 year supply for a male using 2 drops a day and is almost a 6 month’s supply for a female using 4 drops a day. NeuIodine™ is energized diatomic lipophilic fat soluble iodine I2 with some nascent I0 in food grade alcohol (40% ethanol) solvent. NeuIodine™ contains the most bio-available and health beneficial form of iodine in the correctly dosed amount where 1 drop is 100% of the government recommended daily allowance (RDA). NeuIodine™ does not contain iodide.

Customers engaged in self-medication with NeuIodine™ have reported the following doses as relevant starting points for guidance for health care practitioners: Generally no special extra dose is needed for iodine just start using it at recommended level for you sex (2 drops for males 4 drops for females) after ramping up from one drop a day for at least a week and let your body start to detox and heal naturally. Fluoride and Bromide exit the body immediately within the first day the next time you urinate after getting even 1 drop of iodine and urine may appear cloudy which is normal, or you may experience slight nausea for 5-15 min if you are highly toxic as your body has a mild detox reaction to the fluoride and bromide released. Most people do not have a detox reaction and simply feel more awake and feel better after even 1 drop of iodine. If you have already been using iodine 2 or more drops a day for at least a week without a detox reaction (nausea, acne, headache), you can increase to 10 drops a day NeuIodine(tm) when sick with an infection preferable with corresponding NeuSilver(tm) self-medication dosage. For fibrocystic lumps in breast caused by iodine deficiency, 1-2 drops a day directly on each breast generally has been reported to make the mass go away or reduce in size within a week. If you are immune to detox reactions, taking more iodine even up to 50 drops is fine, but always increase dosage slowly to avoid detox reactions and if you experience acne, headache or nausea, you are detoxing too fast. Your body’s iodine homeostasis can be monitored using the patch test monitoring the iodine stain spot on your skin. With NeuIodine™, if it absorbs immediately your body still wants more so you can increase your dosage slowly if desired (not more than 1 drop per week increase recommended), and if it stays on your skin for more than an hour then you are iodine saturated and can stay at or reduce your dosage by a drop. Taking small amounts over a long period of time is better than taking a lot of iodine at once as detox reactions can occur. For most women after ramping up to 3-4 drops/day they should stay there indefinitely and iodine homeostasis should occcur in approximately 6 months to a year depending on deficiency level. Many women are extremely iodine deficient and really need to slowly build up their body’s reservoirs while detoxing slowly after having given their iodine to their children and many women do not adquately re-iodinate between children. Although iodine has a plethora of known self-medication purposes, you understand because of your health supplement mindset that iMedDo can only sell NeuIodine(tm) as a health supplement (not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease) for health support.
Iodine Conspiracy

As a rational man, I have come to suspect that there is an evil force at work in modern medicine to keep us all iodine deficient, which keeps us less intelligent, less healthy, less energy, more toxic and with higher rates of cancer than we would otherwise have if we got enough iodine. Here is a list of the iodine conspiracy related issues which could adversely affect your health:
someone put water soluble iodide form of iodine in salt (good thing) but convinced everyone that this inferior form of iodine was sufficient to combat iodine deficiency (bad thing) which has stifled research on fat soluble and more beneficial form of iodine.
someone teaches cities to put fluoride poison and chloride in municipal water when iodide could be used instead with much better health benefit.
someone took nutrition education out of medical school. I took Medical Neuroscience but not a peep about iodine for brain health was discussed or is being researched in the mainstream Neuroscience community! Instead hospitals focus on poisonous radioactive iodine for thyroid imaging and don’t typically mention how you should replenish your normal iodine!
someone took iodine out of flour and substituted it with poisonous bromide in effect poisoning all bread and things made with flour in this country and suppressing health en masse.
someone teaches dentists that it’s still a good idea to put mercury amalgam and fluoride in the mouths of children!
someone puts mercury in vaccines for children, a known toxin exacerbated by iodine deficiency; I have a family member who got autism from a vaccine!
someone teaches plumbers and cities to build with lead pipes known since Roman times to be bad for the health, and now known to cause toxicity exacerbated by iodine deficiency! Flint, Michigan recently managed to poison all of its citizens with its lead pipes and iMedDo was recently involved with non-profit Rise Beyond Dreams for donation there!
someone does not adequately monitor the levels of mercury in our fish.
someone teaches the myth of an “iodine allergy” which is not possible and is simply a lack of understanding about iodine deficiency and detoxing.
I’m sure there are others, let me know if you can think of any and I’ll add.

Perhaps mainstream doctors are to blame for being ignorant about the iodine issue? Perhaps they have failed to educate themselves and our leaders, or perhaps they are all bought by some wealthy group of private people who control the purse strings and rhetoric creating this evil spawned by their love of money? I really don’t know the cause, but the results are real, that estimated 98% of Americans are at least somewhat iodine deficient! Whoever that “someone” is they are doing a good job keeping you from your iodine, don’t let them! Although doctors and politicians and the government make easy scapegoats, when you point a finger at someone realize there are 3 more pointing back at you. With a health supplement you can do something about it, you can empower yourself, you don’t have to be iodine deficient whatever the reason, you can take back control of your health! If your mainstream doctor is ignorant about iodine, then find one who isn’t or find an alternative doctor to help instead. Dr. A. Ben Goins MS DSM (me) is a world expert on iodine chemistry and iodine health supplement bottling and usage, and I live to educate people and medical practitioners on the correct usage of iodine. If you have been looking for a premium iodine health supplement then look no further.

Iodine deficiency

If you are iodine deficient is makes sense to either eat the food to get the nutrient or if you don’t then to get an iodine health supplement doesn’t it? Of course it does. Here are some food which I’m aware of which are high in iodine:

Sea vegetable such as sea kelp are the best source of iodine and trace minerals also good for thyroid like selenium.
Whole milk (iodine in the milk fat) especially if the animal cow or goat preferable was grazing grass near the ocean will be higher iodine levels.
Strawberries are the 3rd best source of iodine in your diet especially if they were grown near the ocean.
Certain grains grown near the ocean such as Ethiopian Teff bread.

Iodine nutrition is the choke point through the thyroid which if controlled prevents your body from detoxing naturally and stunts your health potential. Even if you don’t believe in the iodine conspiracy, iodine deficiency is at an all time high because we just don’t eat enough sea vegetables. Here in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area of Texas where I live, we are somewhat far away from the ocean and iodine deficiency is even more exacerbated! To make matters worse, if you go to a gym which over-chlorinates its water and pools and showers, or don’t use a chlorine filter on your shower at home, you may be absorbing a lot more chlorine in your skin that you might realize. Chlorine competes with iodine so it’s good to take extra iodine to prevent as much chlorine absorption or at least some afterwards to flush out that chlorine. We are all iodine deficient and we need iodine on a daily basis, since it’s not practical for me to eat sea kelp every day, I choose to iodine supplement with NeuIodine™ and I’m much healthier for doing so.

Iodine Energy
People frequently report experiencing a significant amount more energy when using iodine. Iodine is a critical nutrient for every cell in the body including the adrenals. Many people take iodine in the morning instead of coffee to help them wake up or during the afternoon instead of taking a siesta. Because iodine gives you energy, we don’t recommend taking it within 3 hours of bedtime as all that energy could keep you awake while your mind is coming up with good ideas. See iodine for dreaming below.
Detox with iodine
Much is known about iodine regarding thyroid function and its role in hormone balance and heavy metal detox and much remains to be discovered. Furthermore, iodine is amazing as it detoxes chlorine, fluorine, bromine (and similar chloride, fluoride, and bromide) from the body and thyroid. Through thyroid function, iodine actually helps detox EVERY heavy metal including mercury, lead, cadmium, and aluminum to name a few from the body. Iodine supplementation has a wonderful effect of removing all the toxic metals in the body the main mechanism of which is because of improved thyroid function according to Dr. Lawrence Wilson MD. How exactly the thyroid does this detoxing is somewhat complicated and beyond the scope of this article but the results are real and one way it has been seen is by urine testing where increased heavy metals are detected when supplementing with iodine. (see generally work of Dr. Guy Abraham and Dr. David Brownstein). Iodine can also act as an oxidizer on contact with metals. It can “loosen up” solid metals by turning them into a water soluble salt form more readily excreted by the body in urine and sweat. Iodine in the thyroid also kills germs in the blood and is a potent germicide.
Project Detox Flint, Michigan
The local government of Flint ignored environmental chemistry warnings and ran corrosive water through lead pipes and lead poisoned their citizens via municipal water creating an national scandal in late 2015. This is just one example of where iodine can help as it facilitates the body’s release of lead an other toxic heavy metals. If you or your town is suffering from toxic metals or fluoride in your water, iMedDo can help, call us for discounts as steep as 50% on NeuIodine™ for afflicted areas. Currently we are involved with non-profit Rise Beyond Dreams for distribution in Flint, Michigan to help people recover from municipal water toxic metal lead poisoning. Point of Contact Dennis Kolb at www.RiseBeyondDreams.org for donations. If you are looking for quality water filtration systems and quality probiotics, iMedDo recommends Winston Kao’s products at gobeyondorganic.com.
Super Fast Halogen Detox
Iodine literature talks about how iodine will detox the halogens (fluorine/fluoride, chlorine/chloride, bromine/bromide) within the first day. That is an extreme understatement as I’ve seen iodine detox in a matter of 10 minutes. Here is an anecdotal story which is very illustrative of how iodine detox works. My friend’s wife has 7 children, and was severely iodine deficient. Many women get very iodine deficient after having children and most do not fully replenish between kids as they lose a lot of iodine through their breast milk given to the infant. She tried 1 drop of NeuIodine™ on her wrist. Within 5 minutes she said she felt slightly nauseous, within 10 minutes she said she had to pee and she reported that her pee appeared cloudy, and within 15 minutes she said she felt fine, even better than before. Here is my take on what happened: within 5 minutes of taking fat soluble iodine (I2) on her skin, her body recognized the iodine was there, shuttled it where it needed to go, converted it from fat soluble to water soluble form Iodide (I-) and then flushed poisonous fluoride (F-) and bromide (Br-) out of her body within 10 minutes! Amazing! The cloudy urine she reported was most likely from fluoride and bromide salt crystals and possibly other toxins being detoxed as well. Seriously, if you are toxic with halogens and you get some iodine, your body doesn’t mess around it kicks that stuff out ASAP! I really cannot explain as a scientist how it does it so fast, except to say that there are likely a slew of iodine receptors and transporters in the body most of which are likely not discovered yet. Iodo-lipids (iodine complexed to fat) are an interesting research area to me, but suffice it to say the body can transport iodine fast likely both fat and water soluble forms in likely every cell of the human body! Most people just feel more awake and better with 1 drop of iodine, but if you are severely deficient, such a mild detox reaction is normal and is a good thing. Knowledge is power and in this case knowledge of iodine is the power to drastically support your health!
Iodine Fat vs. Water Solubility
I believe that the body only needs the fat soluble form of iodine as it can readily make the water soluble form at will. That’s why I bottle NeuIodine™ in alcohol and have you put it directly on your skin. The iodine jumps into the “fat” of your skin and is then shuttled by your body to where to where it needs to go and converted into whatever form your body wants. My belief is different from what is commonly believed by most mainstream practitioners and nutritionists who generally think your body needs a mixture of fat soluble iodine and water soluble iodide, or from some who just think that taking iodide is sufficient for your body’s iodine needs which I think is false. One highly concentrated and well known iodine tincture is called Lugol’s solution which is a mixture of both iodine (fat soluble) and iodide (water soluble) in water. Because it has been around since the 1820’s, many doctors are familiar with it but they don’t understand that just because our grandfather’s bottled iodine incorrectly doesn’t mean that we have to continue to do so in modern times. The problem is that the fat soluble iodine does not want to be in water. In fact, it won’t dissolve in water at all, a problem which is overcome by adding pottasium iodide to it which can force iodine solubility in water and is likely the main motivation for why many historically used iodine supplements were a mixture of both iodine and iodide. However, when you put iodine in water it changes the chemistry of it where it can form many different oxidation states (periodiates) whose utilitly by the body is unknown and likely greatly diminished. Many people have good iodine supplements (fat soluble form only), but the directions are bad telling them to put a drop in a glass of water! Worse yet, oftentimes directions tell people to swish in their mouth which is a bad idea if you have metal fillings! If you ever see literature about iodine being safe to put in your water or eyes, that is incorrect unless it is talking about iodide (clear potassium iodide crystals, i.e. KI or K+ I- ) which is the water soluble form. I make it clear on the label, do not put NeuIodine™ in your mouth if you have metal fillings or in your eyes! Please don’t put my high quality fat soluble iodine in water, just do as directions say and put a drop on your skin. If you like to use essential oils, put the iodine on a part of your skin where there is not already an oil as the oil can prevent the iodine from absorbing into your skin well as the hydrophobic oil will compete with your skin for the fat soluble lipophilic (lipid/fat loving) iodine. Make sense? If you are fascinated by really understanding how scientists measure hydrophobicity/lipophilicity check out my environmental science work on Kow (octanol water partition coefficient) which is the parameter used in environmental science to measure chemical lipophilicity and bioavailability and my iodine papers also available to view by connecting with me on Linkedin on my CV. I am very grateful for my interdisciplinary training in environmental science in environmental ecotoxicology and pharmacology and my time working as a contractor for the US Army Corps of Engineers thanks in large part to my mentor Dr. David Johnson. A take home message is that there truly is a spectrum of lipophilicity and there is an intermediate range in the body which is necessary for things to cross membranes effectively. There is a whole world of fat and membrane shuttling of iodine in the body awaiting to be discovered, but don’t wait until then to get some, your body wants iodine now!
How much iodine to take, 1 drop, 2 drops, 3 drops, 4?
It is generally acknowledged by scientists that the government recommended daily allowance (RDA) for iodine is too low, however it’s the best place to start your detox. Also even 1 drop a day is enough for minimum thyroid function. Always only start with 1 drop and do that for about 1 week before increasing the dosage of iodine. For children, 1 drop a day is okay, for adult men I would ramp up to 2 drops per day, and for women over a course of a month I would ramp up to 3-4 drops a day. Infants do not need iodine if they are nursing as the mother should supplement and pass the iodine naturally to the baby through the breast milk. It may be reasonable for a nursing mother to ramp up to as much as 6 drops a day (government RDA for nursing woman is higher as well) but only if she is reasonably detoxed before having become pregnant as it is not recommended to overdo a detox while nursing as those excreted heavy metals, fluorides and bromides can be passed to the baby. I recommend the patch test especially for nursing mothers as you can monitor a rough estimate of how much iodine you need by monitoring how long the iodine takes to absorb on your skin, if it takes an hour or more to absorb you have plenty, if it absorbs instantly or in 15 min or less you body really wants more, but ramp up your dosage slowly moving up 1 drop extra per day each week of supplementation until you find your iodine homeostasis. I think there is a lot of bad advice out there on the internet about starting with massive doses of iodine which result in detox symptoms such as nausea, headache or acne which could readily be avoided by starting slow. Do not put iodine in mouth if you have metal fillings as the iodine can detox the mercury amalgam from the fillings into the body. Unlike NeuSilver™ which is safe for eye infection use, iMedDo’s iodine cannot be used in the eye and can result in serious injury if you put iodine/alcohol in your eyeball so don’t do it, read those warnings on the bottle please, they are important.”
Forms of Iodine
Nascent Iodine
NeuIodine is energized elemental iodine and there is an equilibrium with a small amount of nascent iodine in there as well. Nascent iodine, I0, is a neutrally charged, monoatomic, free radical form of elemental iodine and is what you see if you look right at iodine on the periodic table. Nascent iodine likely serves as a catalyst for breaking down I2 into more nascent iodine in the body, and is likely destroyed when you put it in water. Keep your nascent iodine out of water. I can’t emphasize enough that you are likely loosing a lot of the health benefits unnecessarily if you take it that way! There is a pathway in the thyroid where nascent iodine is formed as an intermediate for making organified iodine in thyroid hormones. The thyroid can make this intermediate easily and spontaneously from breaking down diatomic fat soluble iodine into monoatomic nascent iodine, or it can work harder to make it from iodide the water soluble form where it has to strip away an electron. Energized I2 is more readily converted to nascent iodine (I0, a free radical form) on it’s way to being oxidized to become organified iodine bound to carbon in the thyroid (I+ i.e. CI) or can be reduced to form iodide (I-) the water soluble form which is used by the body as well and is transported around across membranes and can also be stored in thyroid or can detox fluoride (F-) and bromide (B-). If you look right at the periodic table, the monoatomic iodine you see there is I0 which is neutrally charged but has a free electron and is considered a free radical or “nascent” iodine.
Elemental Iodine
Nascent iodine doesn’t typically exist in nature instead, two of these molecules like to get together so that each of their electrons are paired up forming diatomic iodine I2 which can exist in solid, liquid or gas form. Diatomic iodine is often referred to as elemental iodine since it is what exists in nature, but this has been a source of confusion to many a chemist as nascent iodine is actually the true elemental iodine seen on the periodic table. The solid form of elemental iodine looks like a dark purple almost black shiny metallic moon rock. When I was in high school, you saw this form when hiking for water purification, but you won’t see it anymore as it is now controlled substance no thanks to meth abusers who use it as an oxidizing agent for making meth! The liquid form of elemental iodine is relevant to health supplements is fat soluble, and it is a yellow-brown-redish color depending on concentration. The gas form of elemental iodine is purple-violet in color which was the first form discovered hence why the work iodine comes from the greek word iodes meaning violet. NeuIodine™ contains predominantly diatomic elemental iodine dissolved in an alcohol solvent and appears yellow-brownish in color.
Iodide is the JOKER of health supplements because it has been implicated in causing heart palpitations if you take too much of it, and is considered an inferior form of iodine to fat soluble iodine. However, iodide is important in small amounts in the body and it doesn’t hurt to get a little bit in your iodized salt and multi-vitamin. Don’t be fooled, when your multi-vitamin says it has iodine in it, it is talking about iodide (potassium iodide crystals) not the more health beneficial fat soluble iodine. The interchangeable use of the word “iodine” in the literature talking about the not so interchangeable fat and water soluble forms of iodine has long confused health care practitioners so it is easy to read bad or misinterpreted advice about iodine unless you know which form is being talked about. Iodide typically exists as KI (K+ I- i.e. potassium iodide) which forms a clear crystal in solid state or is very water soluble is clear in liquid as well. Iodide is clear since it lacks the diatomic bond which gives color to elemental iodine. I believe that supplementing with iodide is unnecessary if you are supplementing with fat soluble iodine, but most health care practitioners still believe that you need to supplement with both forms, a misconception that I hope to help clear up. Iodide was introduced into the salt supply (iodized salt) to prevent goiter and the small amount you get in your salt or multi-vitamin is likely plenty for your diet and no additional supplementation of iodide is needed as instead you need the fat soluble form of iodine I2 instead. Your body readily makes I- from I2 so if you supplement with NeuIodine™, no iodide supplementation is believed to be needed, but since this view is not shared by all mainstream doctors be sure to consult with them before adding an supplement (either KI or I2 to your diet). Amazing the human body can in fact make I2 from I- when everything is working properly but many people who have thyroid problems already seem to stop responding to I- and only respond to I2. Still getting KI in your diet is better than no iodine and if you can try to eat bread with potassium iodide in it instead of bromine a poison put in most breads nowadays! If you are currently taking an iodine supplement and it is in a tablet or liquid form that looks clear you can be sure that it is actually iodide not the fat soluble iodine I2 that your body prefers and you may benefit greatly from switching to or adding NeuIodine™ to your supplement regimen.
Energized Forms of Iodine
Most of the dark color of iodine health supplements comes from the diatomic bond of I2 elemental iodine which can be used to measure its concentration using a technique called absorbance spectroscopy or colorimetry. Part of iMedDo’s quality control for NeuIodine™ involves simple digital colorimetry using an iphone! However, I’m a spectroscopy expert and if you want to see some of the fancy absorbance spectroscopy work I’ve done on iodine in the past check out my paper which can be viewed on my Linkedin CV. One form of iodine many people are interested in is “Psychic” iodine which is energized using a 30 amp electrical current in a fashion described by famous psychic Edgar Cayce and proposed as having a superior health benefit to normal iodine. Because of my spectroscopy expertise, I was hired to test this hypothesis and sure enough I was able to show that energized iodine does absorb less energy than non-energized iodine which means that iodine does have an interesting electrical property of being able to store energy! Most of what is known about iodine energy levels is from analysis of iodine gas (violet I2) and iodine in solution is much more complicated as the solvent smears out the energy levels. However, it is interesting that it is known that the gas at least has two different energy pathways to break apart I2 into nascent iodine and thus theoretically there are at least two distinct forms of nascent iodine one more energetically excited than the other. Like this same kind of crazy energy transfer is happening in the body and iodine in its different forms and energy levels probably does all sorts of amazing things in the body potentially acting as a battery, capacitor, and conductor at the very least. One of my life career goals is to promote iodine electrical and brain research. According to my Neuroscience mentor Dr. Neal Waxham, he is not aware of anyone in mainstream Neuroscience currently researching iodine, which I think is an utter travesty! If I’ve gotta sell enough iodine health supplements to fund my own research then so be it! I asked a Dr. Francis Hill, a famous computational chemist for the Army Corps of Engineers about how much it would cost to answer some of the basic questions I had about iodine species solubility calculations in water and lipids and she quoted $400,000 as a STARTING figure because of the high number of electrons and complexity of iodine! Ouch! NeuIodine™ is energized iodine and is as “psychic” or better than anything else touted as that on the market, so don’t be fooled by iodine supplement manufacturers who just stick the word “nascent” on their bottle as a marketing buzzword to increase sales with no understanding of the chemistry meaning of it.
Iodine “Gas” Tanks
The thyroid is the primary iodine “gas tank” for males. When your tank is full you have more energy and you likely avoid thyroid and other toxicity problems. Turns out women actually have 3 iodine “gas tanks”: thyroid, breasts and ovaries. In women it is actually the ovaries which are the primary iodine “gas tank” whereas in males is the thyroid.If even one of your iodine “gas tanks” is removed (thyroidectomy (thyroid), historectomy (ovaries), masectomy (breast)), you will need to supplement your diet with iodine as your body is “running near empty”.
Iodine in the Thyroid
When you supplement with fat soluble iodine, it can readily be transported through membranes in the body and can be broken down into two molecules of nascent iodine which can then gain an electron each to form iodide the water soluble form of iodine which is used to flush out bad halogens from the blood and urine. There are regions of the body which are clearly fat/lipid/membrane solvent, and regions which are clearly water/blood/urine solvent, but there are also regions which are in between! One well known area is the thyroid called the thyroid “colloid” which a hybrid regions where both fat and water soluble forms of iodine can co-exist and where the intermediate nascent iodine form can be readily used as well. Whereas the elemental fat soluble form of iodine can get in your skin, fat, membranes, cross blood brain barrier and get all over, the water soluble form iodide will predominantly be in the “water” of your body such as in blood and urine. The body prefers the fat soluble form of iodine and it can readily convert it to two molecules of nascent then each gain an electron to form iodide I- to flush fluoride/bromide/chloride (F-,Br-,Cl-) out of the blood and urine. Iodide can also be stripped of an electron to form nascent iodine intermediate on its way to being used for other pathways. The body desperately wants and prefers the fat soluble form of iodine and has to work harder to make it from I- if you only get iodine in the form of iodide. Likely every cell in the body has a pathway to make I2 from I- which it can pick up on the blood, but also conversely I suspect every cell also has a pathway to make I- from I2 if it got I2 to start with. The reason is that it is easier to make nascent iodine I0 the intermediate to organified iodine I+ from I2 than it is from I-. There is one known place in the body where this is known to occur which is in the thyroid which takes in iodine in any form it can get it I2 or I- into a special compartment (thyroid colloid) which is in between being either water or fat soluble where the body loads organified iodine into thyroid hormones which have 1-4 iodine molecules apiece and then it ships those hormones out back into the bloodstream to go all over the body. It seems like the thyroid is a major iodine shipping and receiving facility of the body! When your thyroid doesn’t get enough iodine bad things can happen, and most people are walking around with less energy, less intelligence, less awake and more toxic than they need to be oftentimes with weight, blood pressure, skin, infection, low immune system and even potentially thyroid and other cancers all for the lack of iodine. The mainstream doctor to see about thyroid problems is called an Endocrinologist and if you think you have a thyroid problem go see one for medical advice. As an alternative medicine doctor of supplemental medicine, I do not intend to replace your mainstream doctor but I hope you find this information and differing perspective fruitful for your health journey. Although I have a great respect for the idea of mainstream medicine, unfortunately it appears to be failing most people, and I have not respect for the practice of what I call “anti-medicine” which is current vogue of mainstream doctors injuring patients in violation of the hippocratic oath at the behest of insurance companies, hospital administrators, and lawyers when it is profitable. It seems that the profit of injuring everyone’s thyroid is simply too irresistible for mainstream medicine and even our government arguably controlled by their corporate interests. Here in Texas where I live, there is currently a “war against iodine” going on where cities are trying to keep farmers from getting raw milk (containing vital iodine nutrient) to people and babies who need it the most especially in our capital Austin, so very sad. The mainstream approach typically consists of thyroid drugs instead of iodine which eventually suppress and kill they thyroid, followed by thyroid removal surgery (thyroidectomy) followed by lifelong and expensive (profitable to them) thyroid replacement drugs. I recently met a woman who told me that she had been having thyroid problems for 30 years and that her endocrinologist never once mentioned to her to try iodine nutrient supplementation which is very sad. If you have a thyroid problem and your mainstream doctor isn’t willing to at least talk to you about iodine nutrient for your thyroid before trying to put you on a path straight towards thyroid removal then you are undoubtedly getting bad medical advice and may want to consider getting a second opinion and seek alternative medicine information. Providing you with this information is my forte as a DSM (doctor of supplemental medicine) as at the very least I want to supplement the bad medical advice you are likely getting from mainstream medicine with the knowledge that alternative information is available with the hope that you will be able to make a more informed decision concerning your health which will result in you saving your health, wealth, time and fortune for the ones you love. When you have the health supplement mindset, the potential alternative is to instead simply make sure you supplement your diet with iodine the critical endocrine mineral nutrient, and many times the thyroid will simply start working again and thyroid problems just go away or cease to exist. Even if you already have had your thyroid removed, iodine supplementation is even more important as it is used by the rest of your body as well not just your thyroid, and without your thyroid (iodine gas tank) you are always running near empty on this important nutrient. As time progresses if you do not fix the deficiency it can lead to a progressively downward cycle of accelerated aging as you thyroid and the rest of your body which also needs iodine progressively ceases to function starting with thyroid failure and ending in nerve and brain failure (arthritis, parkinson’s disease). But don’t focus on the negative focus on the solutions. Many thyroid and other problems are simply caused by a nutrient deficiency (iodine), a metal toxicity (from lack of iodine), and the nerve and brain problems likewise can sometimes simply cease to exist when the toxins are flushed out (NeuIodine™ and NeuGold™), and infection problems likewise frequently cease to exist with the NeuSilver™.
The word “hypo” is the greek work for “low” and simply means that your thyroid is not working optimally. Quite simply fluoride and other halogens (bromine, chlorine) that we are exposed to in America suppress they thyroid and so of course it is underperforming. If you want your thyroid to work, then not only do you likely need to have iodine around in your body to detox the halogens, but you need extra iodine around for making the thyroid hormones as well. In fact the two most important thyroid hormones T3 (tri-iodo-thyronine) and T4 (thyroxine) require 3 (T3) or 4 (T4) atoms of iodine per molecule! Obviously if you don’t have enough iodine available how can your body possibly make enough of these hormones and it is no wonder if you hare hypthyroid (low thyroid hormone output from the thyroid) as you have low hormone levels from a simple mineral deficiency in iodine! Many people can just feel that something is not quite right when they start to get hypothyroidism starting oftentimes with low energy and weight gain. Many people are even told by their mainstream medicine doctor that they are fine even when their thyroid levels are actually up to 4x too low (because the accepted “normal” for the test is ~2x to low for men and ~4x too low for women). We here at iMedDo only sell NeuIodine(tm) as a supplement, but many customers have reported great success self-medicating for hypothyroidism. Talk to your endocrinologist about using NeuIodine™ as unless they are giving you bad advice will likely recommend you take it or at least recommend you take some inferior iodine health supplement. If you or your endocrinologist would like to know why NeuIodine™ is superior to a particular other iodine supplement then please contact me Dr. A Ben Goins MS DSM at heatlhwarrior@iMedDo.com and I’ll be happy to explain. If you mainstream doctor is any good they will likely have you take NeuIodine™ along with your other thyroid medication, periodically test your levels, and be able to actually see your levels return to back to normal over time (within 3-6 months) and then be able to first dial down and then likely remove you completely from your medication. Of course the appeal of anti-medicine and profit is too great for many of them so if you get your tests done and your levels have returned to normal and your mainstream doctor refuses or is reluctant to take you off the meds because they don’t want to lose the revenue from your highly profitable drug usage then that may be a sure sign your doctor is practicing anti-medicine. If your doctor can’t explain to you why they want you to continue taking thyroid drugs after your thyroid tests come back normal then do your self a favor, get the HEALTH SUPPLEMENT mindset and fire that doc, get a second opinion, and consider taking responsibility for your health and taking yourself off the drugs. I personally believe that I have the ultimate right to self-medicate and decide what I put in my mouth and that said rights are self-evident, un-alienable, and I proclaim them proudly as a pro se medical practitioner. What do you believe? You now have the information that iodine and NeuIodine™ in particular can likely save your thyroid, what you do with this knowlege is up to you.
Hashimoto’s Disease
Hashimoto’s disease is named after a Japanese doctor Hashimoto and refers to a thyroid immune problem. My hypothesis is that Hashimoto’s disease is simply a slightly more advance form of hypothyroidism and everything written above concerning hypothyroidism applies. Because of this, I believe anyone with Hashimoto’s disease would benefit greatly from supplementation with NeuIodine™. Likely what is happening is that your thyroid is underperforming because of fluoride suppressing it but because the body is in need of those hormones it is sending the thyroid mixed signals telling it to make more thyroid hormones at any cost. The thyroid tries to make more hormones but there is not enough iodine around to make them correctly and instead it likely makes thyroid hormones that are defective likely with other halogens substituted for the iodine atoms in (T1-T4). The body’s immune system recognizes that the hormones being made are incorrect and has no choice but to have an immune response against them and the thyroid cells making them wrong. If my hypothesis is correct then simply taking the correct form of iodine (NeuIodine™) should just like in hypothyroidism de-suppress the thyroid by first removing the halogens and then allowing the thyroid to make correct halogen free iodine hormones after which the body’s immune response should die down. Ask your doctor about supplementing with NeuIodine while taking hormone replacements for Hashimoto’s. Unless your doctor is practicing anti-medicine she/he may be open to monitoring you and helping you wean yourself off the thyroid drugs as your levels return to normal with iodine supplementation.
Hyper is the greek word meaing “high”, so hyperthyroidism is refering to when your thyroid is “over” working and making too many thyroid hormones (high levels of T3 an T4 detected). It is generally assumed that because T3/T4 is high that iodine levels must also be high but I think this is incorrect and that it is possible to get “high” T3/T4 even when you are in fact LOW in at least a form of iodine. This is different from what you wil hear in mainstream medicine so research carefully. A prevalent form of hyperthyroidism is called Grave’s disease which like Hashimoto’s has an immune response against the thyroid. Traditionally it was and still is believed in mainstream medicine that a cause of too much thyroid hormones is that you have TOO MUCH iodine and commonly accepted medical advice is to not take iodine supplements. BUT I THINK THEY ARE ALL WRONG! In fact I think it is just the opposite. Firstly, no-one in this country really has the luxury of having enough iodine to begin with, if they did they wouldn’t be having a thyroid problem most likely, especially when it is estimated that 98% of Americans are at least somewhat deficient in iodine! So who exactly are these people who have TOO MUCH iodine? If they existed they would be a small subset of <2% of the people who get enough iodine who were actually getting to much. There are way to many people with hyperthyroidism to be from getting too much iodine which means it must be something else. Secondly, when you look at most of the symptoms of hyperthyroidism they are very similar to symptoms of hypothyroidism or at least not incositent with LOW IODINE and low iodine toxicity effects. Goiter (consistent with iodine deficiency or infection), Immune Response component (like Hashimotos which I also think is a form of hypothyrodism), Fatigue or Muscle Weakness (also a symptom of low iodine), Rapid Heart Beat (too much iodide the wrong form of iodine and not enough of I2 the fat soluble iodine), Hand Tremors (nervous problems from low iodine induced toxicity possibly copper, lead or cadmium heavy metals in the nerves), Mood Swings/Nervousnes/Anxiety (Nervous problem consistent with low iodine related nerve toxicity), Light or Skipping Periods (consistent with low iodine in the ovaries the primary iodine gas tank in women), Skin Dryness & Excess Sweating (consistent with toxic metals in the skin trying to be detoxed but can’t because of low iodine perhaps?), Trouble Sleeping (consistent with Magnesium metal imbalance possibly regulated by iodine and unregulated correctly from low iodine?), Increased frequency of bowel movements (possibly consistent with infection or need for detox i.e. low iodine?). The symptom of weight loss although consistent with high T3/T4 levels, is possible I’m sure even if your iodine levels were low! Perhaps the body is trying to increase metabolism to try to get rid of toxins not because it has too much iodine. Thirdly, when you look at WHEN people are getting hyperthyroidism it is during periods of viral infection (consistent with low iodine), surrounding pregnancy (consistent with low iodine). In Graves disease in particular it seems to be that their body is getting hyperthyroidism by making too much thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin (TSI) in response to an infection (bacterial or viral). Partial Truth: Hyperthyrodism is caused by too much iodine. I think that it is true that in some cases especially if you are experiencing heart palpitations that you are getting too much of the wrong form of iodine (iodide), but I think is equally as likely that you are not getting enough of the preferred form (fat soluble iodine I2) and it might actually be this LOW IODINE causing the problem in the first place!. It is at least possible that hyperthyroidism is just a myth spread to facilitate the iodine conspiracy and the practice of anti-medicine. Maybe, I’m wrong but you should at least be able to discuss this issue with your doctor. Yes it’s easy to measure T3/T4 and see they are high but that does not mean you have too much iodine. Perhaps the problem is that many doctors use the terms iodine synonymously with antiquated iodine tinctures which contain iodide and perhaps they are not aware that is possible to get iodine supplements which DO NOT CONTAIN IODIDE such as NeuIodine™. In reality though, I don’t really know anyone who has hyperthyroidism because mainstream medicine is so darn good at killing your thyroid is doubtful you will ever have that problem for long. Most people I meet may have had hyperthyroidism but then after a little mainstream medication or fluoride to suppress that thyroid they then have hypothyroidism instead after which case NeuIodine™ is universally accepted as being beneficial under the logic that low iodine related to low thyroid function. However, it is clear from looking at hyperthyroidism, that perhaps not all thyroid ups and downs are even related to iodine so much as to infection. Typically all the blood in your body filters through the thyroid every two hours and it helps kill infection. What if a bacteria or virus overruns your thyroid and thus you are having an auto-immune response to the thyroid BECAUSE your body is trying to kill an infection in the thyroid which is perhaps going on with the majority of hyperthyroidism with Grave’s disease. Taking more fat soluble iodine (not iodide) might help as is germicidal and can absorb into the thyroid colloid without the need of a transporter from the blood, but also having some colloidal silver (known germicidal) would perhaps help as well! What if hypothyroidism in most cases is simply a chronic infection of the thyroid then good news, there are many things you can try that your mainstream doctor many not have given you information on the foremost of which is food grade colloidal silver NeuSilver™. Conclusion: iMeDo recommends you talk to your doctor concerning adding NeuIodine™ to your diet whether you have hypo or hyperthyroidism, but for hyperthyroidism which is possibly from an infection, also consider adding NeuSilver™ (to help with the infection), and NeuGold™ (to help with the nerve problems). Hypo-Iodinism In the future many of these thyroid problems should be renamed Hypo-Iodinism for “low iodine” and alternative doctors of today and mainstream doctors of the future will instead focus first and foremost on iodine deficiency and infection rather than pushing drugs and thyroid removal. Thyroid Cancer I consider this an advanced form or thyroid problems likely caused by Hypo-Iodinism. If was me, I would try NeuIodine™ and NeuSilver™ as well as some selenium and other good nutrition and probiotics to see whether the body can correct the problem naturally through nutritional supplementation. Goiter Enlarged thyroid. Likely cause by low iodine and/or iodide and in some cases infection. Low doses of iodide in salt and multi-vitamin and/or breads containing KI usually enough to prevent goiter in America. Goiter related to hyperthyroidism could be infection or low iodine related. If was me, I would try NeuIodine™ and NeuSilver™ as well as some selenium and other good nutrition and probiotics to see whether the body can correct the problem naturally through nutritional supplementation. Selenium The thyroid needs lots of iodine and a little selenium metal (a good metal not a heavy metal) to function properly. Make sure there is some selenium in your multi-vitamin if you have thyroid problems. Like iodine you can also find selenium in sea vegetables. Drug Interactions I’m not aware of any interaction with NeuIodine™ with any medications but am legally required to tell you to consult with your licensed primary doctor before adding supplements to your diet especially if you are on other medications. Customers frequently report self-medicating with NeuIodine™ with no problem with their current thyroid medication [thyroxine and armor thyroid]. Iodine and Breast Cancer The female breast is also known to prefer I2 but can also take in I- to make I2 to ship into the milk fat for baby health. Iodine shipping and receiving is one of the main functions of the female breast which is no wonder why iodine deficiency can lead to many breast problems including masses and even breast cancer and why iodine is so important for breast cancer treatment and prevention (considered a drug if used for this). It is very likely that the correlation between women being 4x more deficient in iodine, and 4x more at risk for many types of cancer is real and that iodine in a very real way prevents cancer! To read my iodine paper on iodine in milk which was invited to the Journal of Breast Cancer Prevention, go to www.linkedin.com/in/bengoins/. Iodine is critical for infant health as the female body pumps it into breast milk and is likely the major reason why breast fed babies are more intelligent and have less than health problem than their formula counterparts. The Female Nutrient Because iodine is so critical for reproductive function for women (breast and ovary function) in addition to all the same thyroid related functions also in males, iodine is sometimes considered a “female” or woman’s nutrient but is actually needed by all people and is used by every cell of the body not just the iodine “gas tanks”. Iodine for radiation protection Many people have heard of iodine being useful for radiation protection as the US army used to give (and may still give?) potassium iodide salt pills to soldiers for that purpose. I believe fat soluble iodine is even better as it can detox in ways iodide can’t but can also be readily converted to iodide as well when your body wants it in the blood and urine. Clearly, if you saturated your body with normal iodine, then you would not absorb as much radioactive iodine so definitely would protect the thyroid and other cells from that. However, because iodine is involved with thyroid pathways detoxing all heavy metals, it can also help detox radioactive metals and metalloids and will undoubtedly help with radiation protection as well as should help your body recover and heal somewhat after radiation exposure. When I have time I’ll expand this section to include references and more info concerning usage of iodine for radiation protection. One big cause of concern in recent times sparking a renewed interest in iodine supplementation was the Japanese Fukushima nuclear power plant leak into the Pacific Ocean. It’s gotten so bad that many people are afraid to get their iodine from Pacific sources as they are worried about radioactive trace minerals and accidentally getting radioactive iodine in their sea vegetables! Don’t worry NeuIodine™ doesn’t come from the Pacific ocean and is safe. Although iodine sourcing is a trade secret, I can say that iMedDo gets its iodine as it must from a source with a DEA license at legally allowed concentration and they get theirs from a source which gets their iodine from a resublimated deep earth source. NeuIodine™ does not contain radioactive iodine, and is highly desirous for radiation protection hence the shield on the NeuIodine™ logo! iMedDo NeuIodine™ stands for health support and protection including radiation protection! I have a degrees in Biophysics and Medical Dosimetry from University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, and thus I am highly trained in radiation dosing and protection, and I consider myself to be a Medical Biophysicist which is a separate field but sometimes viewed from the outside as a subfield of Medical Physics. I have a great deal of respect for radiation workers in medicine including radiation oncologists, radiation therapists, medical physicists, nuclear medicine experts, health physicists, radio-pharmacists and many more, but I find that the mainstream medicine usage of radiation is ignorant of basic health and nutrition principles, the foremost of which is the use of normal (not radioactive) iodine. If you are still stuck in the old cut and burn paradigm, thankyou for reading this guide, and I hope that iodine nutrition will give you some food for thought and improving your respective field of medicine through advancing your health journey towards enlightenment. Fukushima Iodine predominantly comes from the ocean; however, many people are understandably reluctant to eat sea vegetables from the Pacific Ocean especially because of fear over the Japanese Fukushima reactor leak which has contaminated much of the sea with radioactive isotopes of a variety of elements. NeuIodine™ does not come from Pacific ocean source, and comes instead from a resublimated deep mining source. If you have friends and family in places like California, bordering the Pacific ocean, please help me spread the word about using NeuIodine™ as soon as possible for health support and radiation protection. Cosmetic Effect After taking NeuIodine™ for 6 months, and obtaining a full detox of heavy metals out of the skin, it is expected that the skin will come back noticeably more youthful than before. Many have reported such effect with iodine in general and since NeuIodine™ is the highest quality and most correctly bottled form of iodine, such effect is expected to occur sooner with NeuIodine™ than other products, but more research and customer feedback is needed to confirm. If you notice an increase in skin beauty after using NeuIodine™, please share your experience and rate iMedDo on Facebook @iMedDoHealth under Health/Beauty. Learn Correct Iodine Usage It has been my experience that over 50% of the people using an iodine supplement already are doing so incorrectly. The most frequent problem is that people are putting iodine in their mouth when they have metal fillings and are poisoning themselves more from detoxing their mercury amalgam faster than they are detoxing mercury with their iodine. Bottles don’t typically warn of this and many if not all other iodine manufactures either don’t know or dont’ want to admit that they are injuring people by not correctly warning them on the bottle. Some supplements would be good but the way they tell you to use them is wrong, and frequently I see recommendations of putting fat soluble iodine in water which changes its chemistry and reduces its effectiveness. If you are wondering why your mainstream doctors keep telling you that you are iodine deficient, but the iodine they give you doesn’t seem to be working, iMedDo can help. Iodine chemistry is confusing but I’ve made NeuIodine™ simple to use and with a simple understanding of fat vs. water solubility you can drastically improve your health support with iodine. I can do 3 way calls, and I would love to educate your physician or nutritionist and other health care providers on the forms of iodine and can explain how and why NeuIodine™ is better, or you can just try it and find out for yourself. Beware of physicians who overdose you on iodine which can result in easily avoidable detox reactions, typically they don’t know but some are starting to learn thanks to iMedDo how to properly iodine detox. Iodine Allergy is a Myth If you are not using iodine because you think you are allergic, please reconsider, you are harming your health. YOU ARE NOT ALLERGIC TO IODINE! It’s not possible or you would be dead as your body if full of iodine receptors in every cell of the body! What I find is that people who think they are allergic to iodine fall into one of two categories, either it is a detox allergy mostly from mercury and other heavy metals coming out or is an allergy to non-normal radioactive iodine used in hospital imaging. Do not fall for the myth that you should not take iodine because you are allergic to it. That is a sign that you need it even more, but you have to detox slowly. If you experiencing detox reactions such as headache, nausea, or acne from you current iodine supplement, please consider using the NeuIodine™ detox system instead where you use the NeuSilver™ and NeuGold™ along with it to reduce/remove detox effects. Radioactive Iodine Allergy It is necessary to flush out the radioactive iodine with normal iodine after imaging. It’s very sad that typically thyroid problems are from iodine deficiency but when you go to a hospital to image your thyroid they fill it with radioactive iodine which makes the problem even worse as the radioactive form will sit there irradiating it indefinitely unless you take regular iodine to flush it out. Unfortunately mainstream physicians such as radiation oncologists and their team of medical physicists and medical dosimetrists and therapists can no doubt image you but perhaps don’t think about the damage their imaging molecules (radioactive iodine, radioactive barium, radioactive strontium and others) cause in the body if not detoxed afterwards. I have a great deal of respect for the “imaging physicists” who are in the field of “medical physics” who assist physicians in imaging with radioactive iodine, but as an alterative medicine doctor myself trained in “medical biophysics”, I will continue to criticize them until they learn the importance of impressing on the patient the need to DETOX the radioactive iodine after imaging as they are causing more harm than help if imaging radioactive iodine is used without a detox protocol. If you are medical physicist reading this please tell your physician about the need to use NeuIodine™ to detox after radioactive iodine imaging or therapy and about the iMedDo Inc NeuIodine™ detox system where you use NeuSilver™ and NeuGold™ along with it to reduce or elimate detox reactions. For the victim of radioactive iodine imaging not advised of the need for a detox, don’t be tricked into thinking that just because you are allergic to radioactive iodine that you are allergic to normal iodine, in fact you need it desperately and if you don’t get it the radioactive iodine will sit in the iodine receptors irradiating your body which could lead to unnecessary cancer. Yes you are undoubtedly allergic to radioactive iodine, but you need to take normal iodine slowly to flush it out. As long as your body is iodine deficient it will undoubtedly cling to any form of iodine present even the radioactive form but please do yourself a favor and take normal iodine to flush it out even it makes you sick on the way out better to tough through it. I am not aware of any better, safer or more effective radioactive iodine detox protocol than using iMedDo Inc detox system with NeuIodine™, NeuSilver™ and NeuGold™ used in tandem where you can replenish and detox while the silver and gold help you safely suppress the detox reactions. Detox Allergy from Mercury It is necessary to take a low dose of iodine at first and then to detox slowly as your body can have an allergic reaction to the toxic heavy metals which will start to flush out as well as in the initial stages of detox to the halogens being excreted. It takes men 2 weeks and women a full month to get to their full dosage of NeuIodine™ which comes with a slow increase protocol which really sets it apart from the competition which is largely overdosed with no ramping protocol. I believe that in most of the time, most of the allergy people are used to getting when using non-iMedDo iodine health supplements is typically an allergy to Mercury heavy metal as mercury amalgam dental fillings are widespread as is mercury toxicity in fish. Silver which is a conductive noble metal (not a heavy metal) seems to directly counteract non-conductive mercury in the body. Although I’ve never gotten one to admit it, I think that dentists have known this secret for a long time which is why they mix the toxic mercury amalgam filling with silver. Although silver seems to counteract mercury for a while, the mercury over time will build up and reach a critical mass when you are iodine deficient as the body can’t detox the mercury. What is really great and special about the iMedDo NeuIodine™ detox system is that when you use the high quality food grade true colloidal silver NeuSilver™ at the same time as you flush out the Mercury, that it really helps to suppresses the negative effects of the mercury (allergy to it, suppressed immune system, acne). Just like how the silver in your dental fillings helps suppress the bad effects from the mercury in your fillings, the idea is to take NeuSilver™ along with the NeuIodine™ to avoid heavy metal allergies and detox reactions as you get your iodine stores replenished and flush the bad metals out. In the same way the idea is to take NeuGold™ along with the NeuIodine™ as it can help remove or oftentimes eliminate completely headaches and nausea that would in the old days accompany detoxing with iodine. Help me educate your primary physician on using a lower dose of iodine, starting low, then slowly ramping up, instead of using an overdose of iodine and detoxing too fast as is currently the norm in mainstream medicine. Detox Skin Allergy Acne In the old days or when using non-iMedDo supplements, the most common side effect of using iodine was acne as the body would flush out heavy metals too fast out of the skin. When using the iMedDo NeuIodine™ detox system is unlikely you will get acne unless you ramp up your dosage too fast or unless you are very toxic and need to ramp up your iodine dosage even more slowly than the built in protocol (1 drop increase per week to your target dosage (2 for men, 4 for women)). If you do get acne simply stay at you lower dosage an extra week before ramping up and use the colloidal silver NeuSilver™ to control it. Simply put a drop in a cup of water and splash on face as needed; most customers report splashing silver water on face before bed results in clear skin in the morning! Iodine and Silver Synergy Iodine and colloidal silver are both germicides with powerful antibiotic, antibacterial, antiviral and anticancer properties. Together they complement each other as they can cover each other’s weaknesses and together are stronger than either alone. To give you an idea: iodine can’t be used for germs in eye but silver can; silver doesn’t get in the nerves to kill germs but iodine can, iodine is not safe for mouth if you have metal fillings, but silver is, iodine stimulates metal detox in ways silver can’t and silver stimulates immune system in ways iodine can’t but both stimulate the immune system). Best time to take iodine Iodine is typically taken in the morning or afternoon not right before bed as it could keep you awake as it is known to make you feel more energetic. You can either take it all at once in morning to wake up like coffee, or divide your dosage up between morning and take the rest during the afternoon slump which is especially useful if you are at a job that doesn’t allow you to take your siesta (afternoon nap). It is genetically programmed in the circadian rhythm of mammals to get sleepy in the afternoon, and iodine energy is useful for powering through the afternoon slump in my experience. If you are having trouble sleeping try magnesium oil. Metaphysical Use of Iodine Pineal Gland The pineal gland, an anatomical feature near the human forehead inside the brain, is considered to be the home of the “3rd Eye” by Psychics, and iodine is highly prized for its ability to open up the 3rd eye and restore dreaming. When you get to much fluoride your pineal gland gets “calcified” and you lose the ability to dream. Most people who have even a drop of NeuIodine™ will dream that night even if they haven’t dreamt in years. Although the use of iodine for dreaming may seem strange it is actually thousands of years old as evidenced at least by the Armenian cultural tradition of using iodine for dreaming before marriage. For the curious, it is my understanding that in Armenia the tradition for women to eat bread (with iodine in it) to decide between male suitors and whichever man brings her water is the correct one to marry! I’m fascinated by Armenia as they are the “people of the cross” and were the first country to convert to Christianity and have many very ancient cultures and traditions including the use of crosses, the motif now known as the star of david in judaism and many other ancient traditions and musical traditions which any person interested in the metaphysical uses of iodine should check out. Dreaming is very important to many religions including the famous dream of Constantine in Christianity, the dream of Pharoah in the Bible and likely in many other cultures and religions as well. If you can’t dream or are a psychic or intuitive and want to increase your powers try some NeuIodine™! Violet Ray The word “iodine” comes from the greek word meaning “violet”. Iodine is metaphysically related to the planet Venus and the violet flame (violet ray) and is typically envisioned as being a white or violet light. Transformation It is the transformative and healing light and overall iodine is liquid TRANSFORMATION and is thus associated with the Pheonix, scarab beetle, and golden “bennu” bird of ancient egypt which is also associated with the water of heaven (Milky way and sky goddess “Nut”). Venus Connection Iodine is metaphysically associated with the planet Venus, the morning star, Sirius, the Milky Way, and all of the concepts of motherhood and divine femininity. In keeping with its Venus connection, iodine is largely considered a “female” nutrient as it is so critical for female health (breast and ovary health in particular) but don’t be scared off guys as you need it too for your adrenals and thyroid. Venus is considered to be related to the supreme goddess who is envisioned across many different cultures and religions (Mary (the mother ray), Aphrodite, Athena, Inanna, Ashera, Isis, Hathor, Neith et al.) Solar-Lunar 3rd Eye Connection When the ancient Egyptians looked to the sky they saw the “Eyes” of the supreme Deity, the Sun (Right Eye/Gold) and the Moon (Left Eye/Silver). One of the eyes appeared to be winking (Moon) thus spawning stories of it being stolen and returned at various times (See stories about Seth stealing the eye of Horus for example). However, when the two eyes (Sun and Moon) are closed (not present), you can see with the 3rd Eye (can see the stars in the heavens). Each star was believed to be a separate deity all spawned and generated by the supreme goddess (Nut) the Milky way that stretched across the heavens. Iodine is the third eye and and is intimately connected to the other two eyes of heaven just as iMedDo health supplement NeuIodine™ is intimately connected to and used with NeuSilver™ and NeuGold™. The third eye is referenced in the Bible at Matthew 6:22 “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single [close your other two eyes and see with your third eye], thy whole body shall be full of light.” Aura Photography When you put a drop of NeuIodine™ on your skin, and get an aura photo, the typical response is to see the throat, third eye, and crown chakras light up! iMedDo is Leader in Iodine Bottling and Warnings! DO NOT PUT NeuIodine™ in your eyes! *Note that some sources say that iodine can be used in the eyes and they are obviously talking about a different form (iodide). Avoid putting NeuIodine™ in your mouth if you have silver metal (mercury) fillings as you might end up leeching mercury into your body faster than you are detoxing mercury with the iodine. iMedDo is proud to be the ONLY iodine bottler that we are aware of at this time who bothers to put this warning on the bottle because we are the leader in iodine bottling and have the most correctly bottled product on the market, but all iodine will undoubtedly be required to put this warning on the bottle in the future following in our footsteps, and it is not even safe to use other iodine products as they are not correctly labelled with this warning! Get a 6th month supply of all three iMedDo Products for only $150 with free shipping; NeuSilver™ and NeuIodine™, 2 for $80 with free shipping or just a bottle of NeuIodine™ for $45 + shipping.